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We are open for services through Telehealth; our buildings will remain closed during COVID-19. 
Please call (856) 299-3200 for services; for crisis no hospital visit required. Our team is ready through Telehealth, Please call (856) 299-3001

Serving our community for over 65 years!

Healthcare Commons Inc. is a not-for-profit licensed community mental health agency serving all of Salem County for over sixty five years, as well as parts of Cumberland and Gloucester counties. The Agency, through its various locations, offers a wide range of comprehensive mental health and support services for children, adolescents, and adults. Prevention is the primary focus of the counseling service.

All services are fully confidential. Medicaid, Medicare, and most major insurance including many HMO’s are accepted. If you or someone you know has an emotional problem, mental disorder, is under stress at home or at work, we are here to help.

Why TMS is the Future of Depression Therapy

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a revolutionary therapy used to treat the symptoms of depression.

It gently stimulates the areas of the brain that cause depression symptoms.

Safe & FDA Approved

TMS is FDA Cleared and
highly effective in treating


You can now live free of
anti-depressants and their
side effects.

Covered by Insurance

Medicare and all major
insurance plans cover TMS

No Side Effects

TMS delivers depression
treatment without systemic
side effects.

America’s Top Hospitals Using TMS Therapy


Adult Partial Care

Children’s Outpatient

Emergency Services

Residential Services

Outpatient Services

Intensive Family Support Services

 Integrated Case Management Services

Covered By

We provide TMS services to Salem County and many neighboring communities. We are pleased to be able to offer Neurostar® TMS Therapy to our patients. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy is one of the most technologically advanced depression treatments available. This non-invasive, outpatient therapy is FDA approved and has helped thousands of patients who have not received adequate results from antidepressants.

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